On the ashes of the Empire


By a twist of fate the three members of the group to be are all present in the small town of Caford when it is attacked by a group of skeletons led by a cloaked figure. With the help of the villagers and a few soldiers the group kill the skeletons but are unable to catch the cloaked figure before he flees.

Tracking the figure through the forest the group arrive at an old elven burial mound on which is growing a stunted creepy tree. A group of Twig Blights attack the group but are quickly dispatched.

The group enter the catacombs under the mound and fight more undead before they find a missing villager who is being forced to help unearth more elven skeletons. Exploring further the group find the cloaked figure in a room with an improvised alter built in a desecrated elven shrine. A crystal glowing with a ominous green and purple light stands before the alter. The cloaked figure reveals himself to be a necromancer and attacks the group but is quickly defeated. When he dies a deep hollow voice emanates from the crystal proclaiming the necromancer a failure and threatening the group if they interfere more. Then the crystal cracks in two. On the necromance they find an amulet showing a black skull surrounded by runes.

Exploring the rest of the catacombs the group find an undisturbed section and are forced to fight an animated guardian before they find some treasure.

Leaving the burial mound they are confronted by a group of elves lead by a druid. They are there to investigate evil magic. The group and the elves talk a little with the elves talking a bit about trouble with goblins, orcs and worse in the mountains to the north. The group then walks back to Caford with the freed villager where they are greeted as heroes. The group decide to stay together and try and find out who is behind the voice from the crystal.


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